Sail West To Reach The East

by Couteaux

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our Debut EP!


released June 30, 2012

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Nick Botelho at NB Recording, Santa Rosa, CA 2012
Artwork by Rachel Sutton



all rights reserved


Couteaux San Francisco, California

Couteaux formed the summer of 2011 after the demise of the post-rock group Atheorem, and as a side-project to the bay area metal band Simoom.
With our genres combined we can play melodic music with a punch...and also summon captain planet.

Our debut EP "Sail West to Reach The East" will be released June 30th, 2012 with all songs fully downloadable from our bandcamp...for a measly sum of $3.
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Track Name: Spent Shells
this body feels just like a walking corpse,
blindly groping walls, finding a way.
will my eyelids open wide to finally see?

stuck inside this emptiness
these nights are growing cold,
tell me you can reconnect my nerves.
follow closely to the coast,
the saw-tooth razor’s edge;
a ship that carries all my ghosts.
Words don’t mean a thing no more,
empty shells spent inside this pointless war,
that got the best of me.

when I tried to find that blissful state,
it only seemed to slip further away.
then struck something else within my bones.
foreign entities embark upon...

upon my weary head, untrusting of the past.
should hearts open the gates?
or trust the mind instead?
take my hands, keep them from trembling.
take my hands, lead me to open seas.
fill all the vacancies.

I’ve always thought i’d die holding this hate.
but you’ve opened my eyes to live again.
Track Name: The Disconnect
i'm keeping us from being personal
can't you tell
polarity is keeping us apart
it's natural

if only trust
were so easy to come by
the disconnect
will remain here to lie

so unpredictably impossible
this constant weight
i'm sentimentally attached to it
sever the ties

every little thing I feel
lacks self-control
feels like I will never come
out from the cold

where is the end?

i'm feeling slightly confrontational
with my own thoughts
burn all the films that spin upon the reel
and press record
Track Name: Eyes LIke Knives
maybe i should write it on walls
so i can see every single time i’ve failed at this
desperate times are falling like stars down on my head
show me there’s a heart to bind to

warm night skies harbor lies
tell me its not contrived
speak with your eyes like knives

why is it every time i bring one in I choke?
nothing seems right anymore

these hands are stained red
from the hearts that i have crushed between my palms
these hands are stained red
as i’m trying to move on

maybe i’m just scared
maybe i’m just tired
but lately i just lie awake

i lie awake at night
hoping for us that i’m not right

is this contrived?
a solitary state for all of my life
feels like what it’s led to
is this just contrived?

is love real or is it just a fiction of a lonely mind?
tell me it’s something with no explanation but what we feel
warm night skies, don’t leave me out hanging on this hopeless pipe dream
give me hope. give me hope for a new beginning
Track Name: The End Is Extremely Fucking Nigh
let’s just drop holding onto this by our fingertips
letting go is giving into what is right
i know its hard,
believe me i want nothing more than this

i know its hard,
softly depart from my eyes to yours,
But i know its hard

My lips linger with a bitter taste
open your arms to this cold embrace
eyelids fall to the cease of a beating heart inside me
i’ve seen all to see

they keep on spillin’ out your mouth
can’t see i’m dead on the inside?
they keep on spillin’ out your mouth,

we can’t change the past as easy as the needle in me
I.V. flood the soul from my body
Tear a hole through the ceiling
give feeling to what was once a heart
now a machine to keep the dead and the living apart
give me mercy (mercy)

I heard a voice over the hum of machines
She said softly “be at peace”
release this body and fall into empty space

let go of me
Track Name: Cease-Fire
Is it too late
to turn this around and recover

left on the ground are the broken pieces of your,
your life that you will never regain.
I hope I’m wrong.
you’re left with only vacancies
under eyelids.

But I am confident,
not all is lost within.

I know you are somewhere in there,
amongst this twisted shell.
take note of the war inside you,
the cease-fire is constantly delayed.

still got the photographs carried with me,
my breath escapes from my chest,
time ticks slowly.
you’re fleeting ever farther,
crush the distance.

So fire away
Track Name: Transmission: Apathy
i've always had the hardest
time letting go of this
these memories are pushed back
burned inside my mind for good

when you sleep at night
do you lie awake
do you ever think
what we did was right?
to save ourselves

at times i wish i never
invested so much
this water over years has
made a cavern that's so deep
and it just eats away
as time goes on

these eyes don't see the same no more
and i've shut all the doors
and i'm still afraid of all the things
that will end up hurting

what we did was right
to save ourselves
even though its hard
to save ourselves

burned in my eyes
are all the signs

then i tried to find a path
around this emptiness
with no such luck
and i swear all this
will heal in time
but time kills
oh it kills

burned in my eyes
are all the signs